Scoping study on Youth in Cambodia and Sri Lanka

SOS Children's Villages - Asia

Socio-Economic Inclusion

Service: Research & Studies

Development Solutions undertook the scoping study and consequently developed strategies for youth development in Cambodia and Sri Lanka, with a focus on their livelihoods and empowerment. The studies involved a quantitative survey with 550 youth in the two countries, Focus Group Discussions with young people, both girls and boys, and In-Depth Interviews with key industry stakeholders and development partners.The assignment aimed to understand aspirations and challenges faced by young people, specifically in the SOS children’s villages, on issues of employability and integration into the community. The study also determined the key differentials between the SOS and Government programs; and how the SOS programs are beneficial to young persons.Based on the study, gaps in the existing provisions were identified, and strategies for youth development and empowerment were developed for both countries.