Developing a Strategic Document cum Technical Guideline from lessons of Rajasthan Nutrition Project (RNP) Linking Nutri-Sensitive Agriculture, Health, Nutrition and Financial Services

Freedom from Hunger India Trust


Service: Program Management

The Rajasthan Nutrition Project was implemented by the FFHIT and its partner organisations Pradhan and Vaagdhara in two districts in Rajasthan. Development Solutions supported FFHIT to develop a strategic document and technical guidelines for RNP. The strategic document helps showcase the efforts of RNP and puts together the key strategies, successes, and impact of the program. The assignment involved an extensive review of all project documents, implementation reports and capacity building guides; interactions with senior project staff in Delhi and Jaipur; and in-depth interviews with project implementation staff from partner organizations to understand their perspectives on the implementation, successes, challenges, and sustainability of the project. The strategic document and technical guides were released in a national consultation held in Delhi.